So, who is Tebogo?

Tebogo is just a guy that likes to learn, teach and groom leaders. He spends his time turning work groups into high performance teams while paying great attention to individuals and their strengths and further developing these for tomorrow’s organizations. He has experience spanning Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Insurance, Retail Banking, Mass Affluent and Private Banking, Banking Operations as well as Retail Financial services.

He is married, blessed with a daughter and a son. He spends all his time outside of work with his young family traveling, reading and playing team games. An avid artist, he enjoys writing and listening to poetry, collecting and listening to music and exploring diversity in culture both locally and abroad.

Tebogo writes on Leading from the Heart in his personal capacity covering Leadership, Change, as well as Strategy and the role of leaders in these disciplines.


2 responses to “So, who is Tebogo?”

  1. Teboho Kotsi says :

    You really are an Inspiration bro T. You are a Passionate somebody using his God given talent to the fullest.

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