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Unusual Business Breakfast event

This coming Saturday morning (April 18), my Mentee and his maverick business network
are having an unusual business breakfast. They are crazy enough to ask me to
come share a thought or two on business, leading and success. Do support if
your are in the area. Plus Spirit Dominion Foundation is involved. So we

will share a meal and educate a child at the same time!



Mentorship beyond self interest

Yesterday I met with the man who believed in me as a Call Centre Agent some time back. A man that refused to listen to my reasoning why I wasn’t good enough. He actually sat me down and dictated what I should type in rewriting my CV to represent better what I have done and what I’m capable of. For no reason, he made a lot of expensive time available to me (in case you wondered, he was an Audit Consultant from the then Anderson Consulting….deployed on my floor to audit our processes).

Because of him, I got to walk the floors of Nu-Metro, Unilever, FNB, Absa, Standard Bank and Woolworths…travel to Australia, to Europe, to Britain and meet many great people across continents, across social strata. All because he believed when no one else did! I’m eternally grateful Mr Masindi. You have no idea how far those hours you spared will still go.

Then I also got to meet a young business maverick, an entrepreneur i mentor. This young person believes in his destiny so much that I can’t help but be grateful that he asked me to walk with him in his journey. Mentors awaken us to us. It was a beautiful day!

Spirit Dominion Foundation…it makes sense!

I have been asked many times why Spirit Dominion Foundation (@sdfoundation). The reality of the situation is that people are unemployed (at least 24.7% of South Africa), largely uneducated & experience widespread social injustice as a consequence. While it’s not easy to educate or employ people en masse, we all can make a difference within our means.

In addition to these twin ills (education and employment levels), most families are not equipped to raise strong and socially responsible young people who should be pillars of society and further regenerate the social fibre of our society. Moral regeneration does start in the home before community and wider society.

I come from so poor a background (both materially and education wise) that as a Christian and reasonably well to do individual, it’s almost criminal to not pay it forward. This is why I’m not only involved, but committed to Spirit Dominion Foundation. There is no other way to change destiny!